# Licensing and Installation

# What type of Licensing is required for the connector to work?

Licensing is available for the connector on the Acumatica side.

# Is there an Acumatica add-on (Customization project) that is required to be installed?

Yes, AMConnector customization package needs to be published as an Acumatica Add-on to communicate Magento

# Does the Acumatica add-on require additional licensing?

No. After the connector is licensed in Acumatica, there is no additional licensing needed to be applied

# What is the licensing model? Annual or Perpetual?

The connector is licensed on an annual basis.

# What is the cost of the connector?

Connector costs vary based on the type of installation. Please contact your sales representative for the pricing.

# Is the Connector sold directly to the customer by Kensium?

Kensium customers must purchase the connector from Kensium. Non-Kensium customers can receive the connector from an Acumatica VAR.

# Is there a trial or development license available?

Yes, a trial license of the connector is available and not the development license

# What are the limitations of the trial license?

All features of the connector are available in a trial license. But there will be limitation on API calls of 100 records per day.

# How do I know that my license is about to expire?

Email notifications will be sent to the “Admin” contact that is configured in the license request screen on 30, 7, 3, 2, and 1 day/s before expiration.

A notification will also be sent on the Admin section in Magento, when the administrator logs on.

At the time of expiration, contact your account manager to arrange a license renewal.

# What happends when the license is expired?

Post License expires, all the AMConnector features will be unavailable/unaccessible except for the Help and Licensing sections.

# How can I renew an Annual/Recurring license?

You can contact our Sales/Account executive.

# If I send a license request for renewal one month before expiration, would the remaining one-month validity get added to the renewed license?

Yes, remaining time left on the previous license would be carry forwarded/added to the renewal.

# Do I need to purchase another license, if I create a new store in the existing website?

Yes, connector license is based on Magento installation, and the number of stores. If a new store is being added to a Magento installation, which exceeds the number of licensed stores, a new license needs to be generated for the additional store.

Last Updated: 2/24/2020, 8:07:12 AM